Veruschka Is In Paris Mixtape + Shoom 25th Anniversary


  Here’s my latest ‘Veruschka Is In Paris’ Mixtape for you to listen to or download. I made this a couple of months ago for my ipod and totally forgot to put it up. A mixture of things from earlier this year and a couple of old ones chucked in for good measure. “I thought […]

How Clubbing Changed The World + Scala Movie Mixtape


    I’m on ‘Idris Elba’s How Clubbing Changed The World’, talking nonsense and doing stupid dancing (please let them cut that bit out) – Channel 4 10pm TONIGHT! If you miss it you can watch on 4oD via the link below.   —————————————————————————————————   Here’s my ‘A Night At The Scala’ Movie Soundtrack […]

Divine & Bobby O (Mark Moore & Eon Remix) Free download!


  Here is an unreleased mix I did with Eon (aka Ian B) of Divine & Bobby O’s ‘Native Love (Step By Step)’. Our full vocal mix (completely different to this one) was released on the ‘Jon of the Pleased Wimmin presents Female Trouble: Divine – The Remixes’ album in 1996 but this one never […]

Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape


  Next time you put on your lip-stick could you do something for me? Sit down, look at yourself, relax and say “I’ve got the Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape by Mark Moore” And that way, when you apply your lipstick you’ll be applying it to every single corner of your mouth. Could you do that […]

Fall In Love (Mark Moore S’Express Remix)

FIL final artwork2

  Here’s my Remix of Fil OK’s ‘Fall In Love’ featuring Kate Short. It’s available on iTunes from November 14th. The other mixes are great and I can’t stop playing the original version. In fact, Check out Fil’s album ‘Neon Ghost’, one of my faves this year. Many thanks to Dan Donovan for additional keyboards […]

Mark Moore Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 (Part 2)

sot 2

  Here’s Part 2 of the Sign Of The Times Remix. Not as messy as Part 1 – honest! Hope you enjoy, Mark     TRACKLIST:   Baby Ford – RU486 Lemon Interupt – Big Mouth Frankie Knuckles ft. Roberta Gilliam – Workout (Workin’ Dub) Acorn Arts – Silence Fluffy Toy I.Q. – Let The […]

Mark Moore Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 (Part 1)


  I found an old mix tape of me at Sign Of The Times from 1992. The sound quality isn’t great so it won’t sound so good on big speakers (it’s mastered off a 20 year old cassette tape!) but to be honest it will sound fine on small speakers and your iPod. This is […]

Eon Vs S’Express – Free Download (Happy Birthday Eon!)

eon sexpress

  It’s Eon’s Birthday today! To celebrate and remember our dear friend Ian B our track is up for FREE DOWNLOAD again (press play and click the small arrow). Enjoy! Happy Birthday Ian!      

Today is Boring Radio Podcast


  You can hear me talking about Punk Rock, Philip Glass, Sid Vicious’ bondage trousers, John Waters and doing movie reviews with Tree & Adam Carr + Hamish McAlpine on the ‘Today Is Boring’ Podcast.   …Click the one labeled 03.09.10 (should be 03.10.10!)    

Diesel U-Music Radio Show 2009 (+ autoKratz & Dan Donovan)


  Mark Moore’s Diesel U-Music Radio show live from sunny Dalston with special guests autoKratz and Dan Donovan (Big Audio Dynamite)