Welcome to my New Site!


  Welcome to my new website. This replaces my old website which was hosted by Trust The DJ but mysteriously disappeared with no warning many moons ago. I have no idea of the how and the why. Ten years’ worth of reporting and senseless babble … silenced with one click of a button. But once […]

QX Mag 844

Aeroplane - My Enemy

The wonderful Aeroplane release ‘My Enemy’ from their debut album as a forthcoming single. Or perhaps I should say ‘his’ album as Aeroplane has now slimmed down from a duo to a solo act.

QX Mag 843

Candy Darling

  I’ve been let loose in NY! While New York may not be as wonderful and electric as London is right now it is still pretty fabulous with way too much to try and cram in from the world of clubs/music/cinema and the arts. Clubwise: Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny still throw their glamorous parties […]

QX Mag 841

Tyson - Out Of My Mind

  Our man Tyson is on a roll! As mentioned before Tyson was a member of the wonderful Unklejam before they split up and he is now a signed solo artist on BackYard Records. Not content on having a storming dancefloor hit with ‘Die On The Dancefloor‘ he returns with the equally addictive and uplifting […]

QX Mag 839


  Metronomy are back with ‘The Look‘ (Because Records) a laid back singalong full of gentle alt-pop quirk. This new track comes from Metronomy’s third album ‘The English Riviera‘ which follows the critically acclaimed ‘Nights Out‘. They are out and about playing live with two new members making them now a four piece band. The new […]

QX Mag 836

lifelike (aka Laurent Heinrich)

  My man of the moment is Parisian artist Lifelike. His mix of ‘Keep Up With You‘ by Teenage Bad Girl (Citizen Records) is proving to be yet another gorgeous euro-disco affair. A floaty vocal sits on top of a long held chord swimming across a joyous backing. Then the drop and build guarantee to […]

Malcolm McLaren – Let It Rock

Malcolm Mclaren

  Very saddened to hear about the passing of Malcolm McLaren. As a 15 year old I hung out in Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s Seditionaries shop in the Kings Rd. It was always a hive of creativity in there, an Aladdin’s cave, and no one seemed to mind some kid hanging around. Their conversations […]

Goblin Review for PIX Mag

Suspiria by Goblin

  Goblin were discovered by Italian film director Dario Argento (dubbed the Italian Hitchcock) in 1975 and performed the soundtrack for his movie ‘Profondo Rosso’ aka ‘Deep Red’. The film was a huge success along with the soundtrack album, which went on to sell over a million copies – not bad for a previously unknown […]

Spotify – Goodbye Music Business, Hello Starving Artist


We are living in the wild times of the Internet. Cowboy times. Orgy times! Last.fm, YouTube, Pirate Bay, music blogs. We’re living in paradise and it’s all for free

Do Not Read This!


  Here’s something I wrote for QX International Magazine for your amusement… Isn’t it great that disco is in vogue again? After becoming demonised in the 70s in a far more violent fashion than electroclash ever was – what with the blowing up of disco records in football stadiums – disco seems to return every […]