I am a Pile Junkie


  I’m back from the mayhem that was the Distortion Festival in Copenhagen. Wonderful! When I recover I shall put the pics up. Meanwhile here is something I wrote for my column in QX International Magazine for your entertainment. No sleep raver Mark x: Oh joy! A new pile of CDs await me on my […]

We Called It Aciiiiiieeeed! Contd

We call it aciiiid

There’s the famous saying that if you can remember the Sixties you weren’t really there. Through the strawberry-flavoured smoke machine of my foggy mind I remember a few flashes of acid house and the Eighties.

The Box


I have entered the 21st century and switched from DJing with vinyl to CDs. I have been turning up to gigs with my CD folder. It has dawned on me that you can’t make that grand entrance if you’re not lugging the record box around