About Mark Moore

Mark Moore shot to fame as the driving force behind the dance/sampling pioneers S’EXPRESS with the number one hit ‘The Theme from S-Express’. Today his notoriety has been reinforced not only by S’Express and his subsequent string of hit records and remixes, but by being a unique and eclectic DJ. He is one of the first to have embraced the aspects of stardom and success attributed to the DJ culture. Mark Moore

Mark’s idea to form S’Express was a natural progression from the musical experience and grounding he received as a regular on the club scene and as a DJ . In 1988 Mark’s brainchild resulted in his first release – ‘The Theme From S-Express‘ with co-producer Pascal Gabriel. It shot to number one across most of Mother Earth and catapulted Mark and S’Express to worldwide fame and fortune. During the recording of the first album ‘Original Soundtrack’, Mark worked on tracks with a girl just starting her singing career, Billie Ray Martin. He then sought out his favourite producer, the then little-known William Orbit and they collaborated on an S’Express track. They continued to work together and their many remixes include Prince and Malcolm McLaren.

Mark Moore recorded his second album ‘Intercourse’, on which he worked with the singer Sonique and the then undiscovered Carl Craig. Sonique has since gone on to become a number one solo artist and a hugely successful DJ, while Carl Craig is one of Detroit’s finest exports.

Record labels & current projects

Over the years Mark has indulged in various projects; running three record labels: Splish, Stylofiction and Bone in the 90’s – followed by Umami Records in the noughties; doing remix and production work (Seal, Erasure, Dead Or Alive, Divine, Client, B-52s, Soft Cell and Prince among others) and releasing tracks under various names.

Mark Moore is known as the first of the DJ pop stars. Muzik magazine cited ‘Theme From S-Express’ as kick-starting the UK house scene. S’Express opened the doors across most of the world for new dance music and DJ culture as a viable force. Jockey Slut magazine made Mark one of their “Heroes of House Music”. Today, Mark still finds himself traveling the globe playing a mix of electro-disco, twisted house and whatever else he fancies to express himself and bring to the fore his extraordinary DJing repertoire.

2015 sees the launch of Mark’s new label, Needle Boss kicking off with The Excursions EP comprising of four remixes of S’Express tracks. Release date Oct 9th. This will be followed by an album of remodels, remixes and remakes of S’Express material entitled, ‘Enjoy This Trip’, by various producers and remixers. Release is pencilled for March 2016.

Also watch out for Mark’s new monthly nightclub, Private Life (currently at the Victoria in Dalston) where the music policy harks back to legendary New York clubs like The Roxy and Danceteria circa 1979 – 1984.