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Mark Moore on Wikipedia


Mark Moore interview by Paul Morley (The Guardian)

Paul Morley discusses the influence of disco with Mark (Video) (20/8/2009)


Mark Moore -‘ We called it aciiiiiieeeed’ by Mark Moore (The Guardian)

Acid House article written by Mark Moore (20/4/2008)


Mark Moore – DJ History interview

Great interview by Bill Brewster


Mark Moore: The Electro Gospel According To Mark

A must read! Mark’s electro-pop music history for QX Mag’s 80s issue (posted on the Blitz Kids web site). (Mark also dons a special look for the shoot!)


Mark Moore – Melody Maker interview

One of Mark’s first interviews. By Push (1988)
Mark Moore interview by Paul Morley:

Mark Moore on ‘The Joy Of Disco’ documentary:

Mark Moore – Trust The DJ Archive

Mark’s lost posts from his old website – found again …. well some of them, not all.

The pics are missing and it now looks a mess but it’s a treasure trove!

When there click ‘Older Posts’ on the bottom left to go back further in time.