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Horse Meat Disco, Tom Furse, Reuben Wu & Primal Scream Previews!

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Here’s a whole bunch of exclusive previews from the S’Express – Enjoy This Trip album for your listening pleasure (out on May 27th):

Horse Meat Disco remix of S’Express ‘Pimps Pushers Prostitutes ft. Billie Ray Martin’! Thank you to XLR8R

S’Express ‘Superfly Groove’ remix by Reuben Wu from Ladytron! Thank you Gay Times for the big up. 

Tom Furse from The Horrors Remix of Theme From S’Express! Thank you Clash Music

Here’s Primal Scream’s cover of Mantra For A State Of Mind which came out as a 12 inch on Record Store day. It features Jason Pierce from Spiritualised on guitar and original S’Express vocalist Naomi Osbourne on backing vocals. Thank you NME. This will be available on the digital release of the S’Express – Enjoy This Trip album (May 27th)!

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