Coma (1988)

  • Release date: 1988
  • Label: Record Mirror

Coma (1988)

UK 7″ Bomb The Bass – Megablast (Original Rap Version) + S’Xpress – Coma / The Wee Papa Girl Rappers – You Got The Beat + DJ Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince – Here We Go Again [RM SURE 1]

Free 7″ given away with Record Mirror magazine on Wednesday September 24th, 1988. It consisted of breathing, a heartbeat and a sonar blip. Some pirate radios would play it over the top of Acid House tunes or under the bits where they talk. Mark describes it as the tale of a girl who is brought out of a coma by being played her favourite tune (‘Theme From S-Express’ natch) and decides to get a tattoo. The Coma track was later expanded to become Coma II(A.M/O.K) on the Original Soundtrack album.

Coma II (A.M/O.K) is cited as the first ambient house track predating even The Orb.