Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (1991)

  • Release date: 1991
  • Label: Rhythm King
  • Catalog #: SEXY 02T

S’Express – Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (1991)

UK 12″ Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (Stax Mix) + Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (Qwerty Club Mix)* / I Like It   [RHYTHM KING SEXY 02T]

UK 12″ Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (Twilight Mix)** / Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (The Eighth Out Mix)***   [RHYTHM KING SEXY 02TR]

UK CD Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (7″ Stax Mix) / I Like It / Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (Twilight Mix)**   [RHYTHM KING SEXY 02CD]

UK 7″ Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em / I Like It   [RHYTHM KING SEXY 02]

UK CASSINGLE Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (7″ Stax Mix )/ I Like It   [RHYTHM KING SEXY 02C]

*     Remix by John Coxon

**   Remix by Kurt Rodgers

*** Remix by Andrew Weatherall (ably assisted by Hugo Nicholson)

‘Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em (Stax Mix)’ was S’Express’ biggest flop…and also the one that people who have it, are the most passionate about! This again features Sonique on vocals and these are the original versions (it was later remixed and housed up by Band Of Gypsies). All the mixes on the two 12’s are sublime and the wall of sound of the Stax Mix is mindblowing. ‘Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em’ is not available on the UK Intercourse album in the original Stax Mix and only available on the US album in the edited 7″ mix.

The UK CD has the full length STAX Mix. Huzzah!

‘Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em'(The Eighth Out Mix)’ 12″ is the classic Andy Weatherall mix and came in very small quantities.

The record sleeve was designed by Mark Moore.