Ping Pong – It’s About Rhythm (1996)


  • Release date: 1996
  • Label: Bone Records
  • Catalog #: BONE 001

UK 7″ It’s About Rhythm* / Adorable*   [BONE 001] came in plain black sleeve with sticker and lyric sheet insert.

UK CD It’s About Rhythm(7″)* / Adorable(7″)* / It’s About Rhythm (Earl Brutus Remix)** / (Jack-Uzi Remix)*** / (K-Groove Remix)**** / (Student Union Remix)º / (Aardvark Remix)ºº   [Bone 001CD]

UK 12″ It’s About Rhythm Remixes: (Earl Brutus Remix)** + (Aardvark Remix)ºº / (K-Groove Remix)**** + (Jack-Uz Remix)*** + (Orig 7″ Mix)*   [BONE 001T]

*       Mixed by Louise and Mark
**     Remix by Earl Brutus
***   Remix by Adamski
**** Remix by Kurt Rogers
º         Remix by Martin Green [DJ from Smashing] ºº       Remix by Aardvark

First and only release on Mark’s Bone Records. Ping Pong were Lousie Prey, Adamski and Dave Barbe (ex Adam & The Ants/Bow Wow Wow drummer) before they split and morphed into the Ping Pong Bitches. Mark managed them for about 10 minutes and lent Dave Barbe a grand which he never got back.

‘Adorable’ is a rework of Adamski’s ‘Killer’ with a Peggy Lee-esque vocal by Louise.

Lovely artwork and packaging on the 7″ by Simon Periton (cartoon on lyric sheet by Adamski).
Credit says mixed by Louise and Mark.