Saffron – Fluffy Toy (1995)

  • Release date: 1995
  • Label: WEA
  • Catalog #: WEA SAM 1145

Saffron – Fluffy Toy is a track written (with Saffron) and produced by Mark Moore and Pete Lorimer. Saffron of course is the delectable singer from N-Joi who went on to world domination with Republica.

UK DJ PROMO WHITE LABEL 12″ Fluffy Toy (IQ Mix) / Fluffy Toy (Transient IQ Mix)   [WEA SAM 1145]

UK DJ PROMO 12″ Fluffy Toy (IQ Mix) / World Of You (Hipmix)*  + Fluffy Toy (Transient IQ Mix)   [WEA SAFF 10SAM]

UK 12″ World Of You(Hipmix)* / World Of You* + Fluffy Toy (IQ Mix)   [WEA SAFF10T]

UK CD World Of You* / World Of You (Hipmix)* / Mantra** / Fluffy Toy (IQ Mix)   [WEA SAFF10CD]

*   Produced by Jah Wobble (nothing to do with Mark!)

** Produced by Eric Kupper/Lenny Dee/Neil McLellen (nish to do with Mark again!)

Initial DJ 12’s came as a mysterious white label, hand stamped with “FLUFFY TOY”.

Not to be confused with Mark’s Splish release ‘Let The Fun Begin’ by Fluffy Toy IQ which Saffron named this track after.