Very Beautiful Lips

Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape

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  Next time you put on your lip-stick could you do something for me? Sit down, look at yourself, relax and say “I’ve got the Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape by Mark Moore” And that way, when you apply your lipstick you’ll be applying it to every single corner of your[…]

Mark Moore Blitz

Blitz Mag + We Can Be Heroes Books

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Here’s a pic of my first modelling job for Blitz magazine which launched my illustrious modelling career (um… well I did one more for ID mag modelling t-shirts but I still sit by the phone waiting). The title of this shoot was ‘WE’RE NOT HERE TO SELL CLOTHES.’ It had[…]

Beige Magazine + Sorapol Show

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You can catch me in the bumper Spring edition of Beige Magazine being interviewed by Jon Pleased Wimmin about the S’Express ‘Original Soundtrack’ album. There’s also a ton of other interesting articles. It’s out now and can be picked up across London or it can be read online/downloaded here: www.beigeuk.com/archives[…]