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Very Beautiful Lips

Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape

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  Next time you put on your lip-stick could you do something for me? Sit down, look at yourself, relax and say “I’ve got the Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape by Mark Moore” And that way, when you apply your lipstick you’ll be applying it to every single corner of your[…]

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Sign of the Times

Mark Moore Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 (Part 2)

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Here’s Part 2 of the Sign Of The Times Remix. Not as messy as Part 1 – honest! Hope you enjoy, Mark TRACKLIST: Baby Ford – RU486 Lemon Interupt – Big Mouth Frankie Knuckles ft. Roberta Gilliam – Workout (Workin’ Dub) Acorn Arts – Silence Fluffy Toy I.Q. – Let[…]

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